Common Questions

What type of Concrete projects does your company handle?

Interior Floors: Textured Finish, Concrete Coloring, Concrete Resurfacing, Interior Concrete Floors.

Outdoor Concrete: Concrete Patios, Colored Concrete, Concrete Walkways, Concrete Driveways, Decorative Engraving, Concrete Resurfacing, Stamped Concrete (Stencil), Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Can your company fix cracks in existing concrete?

There are good products that claim to do these repairs, however if the cracks are quarter to half inch or larger in width the cause is normally because of lack of reinforcement, settling of the base material, a tree root lift or water damage. In these cases we suggest tear out and removal to replace the damaged area with new, properly reinforced concrete.

How do you reinforce your concrete?

We use 3 types of reinforcement:

(1) Re-Bar

(2) Wire Mesh also known as rewire

(3) Fiber – fiber is small particles of fiberglass added to the truck at the plant which binds the elements together.

We use a combination of these reinforcement agents and sometimes all three are required. Every particular job has its own set of requirements as a job site conditions dictate. For example: If you have very sandy soil and poor drainage conditions, you would need the maximum amount of reinforcement.

Do you serve my area?

We service the greater Houston area and are often called to further distances for specialty decorative work.

How much experience do you have doing this type of work?

We have industry experience since 2000 and Concrete Pros, LLC. has been in business since 2004.

Who have you done concrete work for that can be seen locally in the Houston and surrounding areas?

We have hundreds of references and would be happy to show you some of our local work probably in your neighborhood.

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